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As Ada Bebe we manufacture and supply diaper, diapers, baby diaper, baby diapers, baby's nappy, baby's nappies, didy, didies, napkin, napkins, nappy, nappies, nappie, baby cleaning product, baby cleaning products, baby health product, baby health products, mini baby diaper, mini baby diapers, midi baby diaper, midi baby diapers, twin baby diaper, twin baby diapers, baby diaper mini, baby diapers mini, baby diaper midi, baby diapers midi, baby diaper twin, baby diapers twin... Ada Bebe Saglık Urunleri Tic. San. A.S. was established by Sahade Family. Sahade Family has been in the sector of International Logistics and Vehicle Service - Vehicle Maintenance sector since 1996 in Gaziantep. The company got going into textile sector in 2013 on 20.000m2 area in Sanliurfa by establishing Ada Bebe Saglik Urunleri Tic. San. A.S.



“Koçören Organize San. Böl., 218 No'lu Cad., No: 17, Eyyübiye, Şanlıurfa, Turkey”

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“Fatih ŞAHADE”


“+90 342 230 06 24”

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